Upon your arrival to The Babine Steelhead Lodge, after a beautiful and scenic helicopter ride with Silver King Helicopters from the town of Smithers, you will arrive no more than ten feet from the famed Babine River. After a hearty lunch, orientation and safety briefing you will be gearing up and heading out for your first half day of fishing. Although unguided, the runs accessible by foot from the lodge are some of the best the river has to offer. Guests can enjoy camp water any morning or evening for the duration of the trip.

Greeting Fishermen

The first full day of fishing will start with a 6:30 am wake up and fresh coffee delivered to your cabin followed by a delicious breakfast. The Babine Steelhead Lodge has moved to a two on one angler to guide ratio starting in the fall of 2017. After breakfast, the guides will have lunches and beverages of your choice prepared for the day. After wadering up, preparing rods and gear, you will meet your guide at the boats that are situated only steps away from the lodge. Each group will fish a different section of water for the day. These sections of water are called ‘beats’ and include numerous runs that are well known by each guide. The guides are available for help on selecting fly’s, sink tips, and anything that you might need. The river is conducive to any form of a swung fly that you might prefer. Whether that be a dry fly or maybe a large intruder on 12ft of T-14. Our guide staff will rarely be more than ear shot away for anything that you might need, including netting your beautiful Babine steelhead if you so please.

Lab on Boat

We pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge of the water that we fish on a daily basis. Our guide staff is second to none and always willing to help with anything that you need. The Babine Steelhead Lodge has expanded its water that we fish from previous seasons and have had great success. We have had a lot fun learning the new water and hope that you do too.

Fish in Net

We also have a full line of Winston Rods that can be demoed for the day or as a backup rod if need be.

THE FISH… The Babine River! It speaks for itself! Our average fish are in the mid teen’s and can produce steelhead into the 30lb range! Although rare it is not out of the question to hook one of these majestic fish but landing them is a whole other ball game.

The guides will have you back to the lodge around 5 pm to conclude the day. If you did not get your fill of fishing for the day, feel welcome to fish the home water as long as you want or until dinner is served.

Reeling in a steelhead