Your travel to the lodge will be with Silver King Helicopters. The beautiful journey will end with touch down just a few feet from the Babine Steelhead Lodge, which is situated on the bank of the river. You will be greeted by our kind and welcoming staff. They will take your gear and place in your cabin which you will share with one other guest for the remainder of the trip.

silverking helicopter

Each newly renovated cabin has its own shower and two double beds. Along with the renovations the main lodge has been upgraded for a warm and inviting environment. We would also like to note that we wanted to preserve the rustic and timeless sense that has always been the Babine Steelhead Lodge. We have also upgraded all of our boats by repowering them and even adding another boat to the fleet.

During cocktail hour at the lodge, our guests can enjoy enjoy a glass of wine, beer or cocktail that is now complimentary for your pleasure. We do however encourage guests to bring any specialty beverages that they may want.

Dining Room Babine Lodge

After cocktails our skilled chef will prepare an extraordinary meal at the main lodge that can be enjoyed over fish stories or the expectations for the following day. Our chef will also prepare delicious lunches with soup, a sandwich and some sort of small desert. Any dietary concerns or eating habits such as Paleo, or vegetarian are easily accommodated.

There is now a small shop that you can purchase flies, fishing line, etc. We also will have T-shirts, hats, and small selection of Patagonia gear for sale.

Keep up to date with family and friends via free high-speed wireless internet.

We encourage all of our guests to ask for anything that might make their stay more pleasurable and comfortable.